Some of the things I've done

Discovery Log

My discovery log is a record of the year so far at university. It covers what I've learned in the WEBF1 unit, and my thoughts on it all.


Literature Review

My first piece of coursework for WEBF1. This is a literature review with a topic of "Mitigating personal information exposure on the web". Spoilers: there are lots of ways of doing it, and the technical methods work better than other methods.



I work with a team called Charcoal to protect a popular network of websites from spammers. SmokeDetector is a bot, written in Python, that watches what goes on and detects spam; metasmoke is a web application (in Ruby on Rails) that records all the results and lets us analyse them.

Website SmokeDetector metasmoke


I've done a whole bunch of coursework over this year; this is some of it.