Some of the projects
I've worked on.

These projects are a selection of the larger-scale projects I've worked on. You can also take a look at some of the smaller projects I've done.

A screenshot of metasmoke's dashboard page


Ruby on Rails MySQL Webpack SCSS

metasmoke is a web-based dashboard application for a spam-detection solution created by Charcoal; I am one of its main developers. My work on metasmoke usually involves responding to user bug reports and feature requests; I work on the full stack, including the data layer, backend controllers, and web UI design. I specialize in data work for metasmoke, particularly creating complex SQL queries to operate on a large dataset.

Code: on GitHub


Ruby on Rails MySQL nginx Bootstrap 4

Through the end of 2017, I worked with CrowdRescue HQ to help and to rescue those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. I and a colleague created an application to manage this whole process, including news broadcasts, translation support, and computer-aided dispatch. I hosted the application on AWS using Cloudflare, nginx, RDS, and load balancing; I also served as on-call technical support for the application and the wider organisation throughout rescue operations.

Code: on GitHub

A screenshot of the computer-aided dispatch tool in SCOT.