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A List of Things


Some things I have made, or am currently working on.


Codidact is a registered non-profit organisation building open-source, Q&A-based, community-run knowledge-sharing sites. We've built a platform that allows us to host communities that are interested in getting together to share and learn as a community; we're currently hosting 14 communities and taking proposals for more.


I built a train-times web app while I was learning Vue.JS that interfaces with the National Rail API. This API only returns results as SOAP XML, so I also built an API translation server to make calls to the NR API and return JSON results.


Working with another developer as part of one of the civilian organisations responding to the 2017 hurricanes in the southern US and Puerto Rico, I built a CAD (computer-aided dispatch) platform and tools to help translate and broadcast safety and resources information.


As part of an informal team tracking down spam on the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites, I help build a platform to keep track of reported posts, feedback, and manual and automatic flags. I've also integrated SQL data exploration tooling and implemented APIs both via HTTP and WebSockets.